About Us

The Social Way….


“EK RASTA” is a charitable trust founded in 2013 by service minded and dedicated youth Mr. Sukhwinder Singh to address unmet needs in the community and to utilize his skills and source to serve the needy people. “EK RASTA” is working for development of society and people. “EK RASTA” considers itself as an agent of positive change. The primary purpose of EK RASTA is we for all and each for us.


To provide support, build capacity and integrate individuals into mainstream society who have been tradionally been suppressed in personal, social, economic and political domains. We work to improve quality of life for oppressed, disadvantaged and harassed people.


• To eradicate illiteracy.
• To reduce poverty by improving economic status of individuals through income generation activities.
• To improve health status of communities through health education and Environment cleanliness.
• To promote gender equality.
• To eliminate forced, bonded child labor and slavery.
• To protest and fight against the injustice against people.
• To organize and take up health, educational and welfare programs for needy women and children on priority basis.
• To fight against HIV/Aids and other communicable diseases.
• To aware people about their democratic and fundamental rights.
• To work against the exploitation of Animals & birds and make sincere efforts to protect them.


The Best way to find your-self is to lose your-self in the service of others. We feel proud that we are full filling our life with true happiness by serving the children of God. We are working with a great vigour and zeal to put smile and shine on people’s face.


Area of Operation

We are basically situated in capital of India and actively participate in noble cause all over country.

Focus Areas (Current & Next Two Years)

Our charitable giving programs provide energy assistance for those in need, help to protect natural resources, encourage educational excellence, foster an appreciation of diversity, and revitalize neighbourhoods. We are interested in learning about opportunities to support projects in the following areas:

Meet Basic Human Needs
Food, warmth, energy-efficient shelter, access to basic medical and health care.
Protect the Environment
Protecting natural resources and helping non-profit organizations make efficient use of energy.
Support Education
Fostering an understanding of energy in our economy and helping develop the capacity of the future work force in the energy field.
Promote Community Vitality
Fostering an appreciation of diversity, revitalizing neighbourhoods, and ensuring a vibrant community life through support of cultural endeavours.